Stop Smoking

You are three times more likely to have a successful quit attempt by seeking support.

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How we can support you to stop smoking

We offer both 1-1 individual and group support by our trained Wellness advisors.

Our service is for both individuals who want to stop smoking for the first time or those who have tried to stop smoking in the past but were unsuccessful.

1-1 appointments and group sessions are held in local communities and at different times including evening sessions.

Self-referrals accepted to access this support

How does it work?

Your advisor will work with you to discuss your smoking patterns and any concerns you may have. They will support you with behaviour change to manage the challenges you may identify in your daily or regular routine which you feel may affect your attempt to stop smoking.

Once you have agreed on your quit date your advisor will support you using a combination of motivational conversations and health coaching techniques along with nicotine replacement therapy products by issuing you with a prescription.

Research and conversations with past smokers has shown that a combination of support from a stop smoking advisor and nicotine therapy products increases the success rate of someone to stop smoking.

The support you will be offered will be for your individual needs and your advisor will support you over a number of weeks to guide you to sustain your stop smoking quit.

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the UK. There are many benefits to stop smoking, including:

  • Preventing certain long-term health conditions
  • Preventing certain diseases
  • Improving the quality of your life
  • Improving and maintaining the quality of your emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Saving the money you would spend on cigarettes

Did you know?

In the UK:

  • 489,300 Hospital admissions were attributable to smoking (2017/18)
  • 77,800 deaths were attributable to smoking (2017)
  • 14.7 7% which is 7.2 million adults smoke in the UK (2018)
  • The number of people who have stopped smoking continues to increase.


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